Statistics can be extracted on products, sales, customers and much more.

You can quickly get knowledge about periods and how the sales have been on the individual products.

Statistics can be retrieved on account managers, customer, media and products.

It is possible to receive statistics via email.

You are provided an opportunity to push fixed statistics to individual account managers, or if a CEO wishes a total overview daily, every week or month. The advantage of using the email feature is that you can always compare with previous statistics.

Sometimes the issue can be that the options for making different choices either make it too complex for the individual or that the content of the statistics is based on different choices – this is solved in CapMedia by creating a “setting” that always extracts the statistics on same basis.

In CapMedia CRM, it is possible with a single click to see a customer’s revenue on all media and products, and compare to earlier periods, which means that an account manager can always see a customer’s revenue in seconds. This is valuable information when on a call with the customer.

There is integration to BI systems, and it is possible to retrieve data in for example Microsoft Excel or Microsoft BI, thereby analysing further on sales, revenue and many other parameters.

Since we can convert data from previous systems, statistics will be useful from the first day, which of course is an important parameter for an account manager, they do not need to spend unnecessary time to retrieve data in an outdated system, but only concentrate on sales.