Resource sharing

Resource sharing

Resource sharing, external production and outsourcing

Share production resources between several CapMedia customers

You easily can share production resources between CapMedia system customers, thus allowing you to associate multiple CapMedia systems together. This means that customers can "borrow" production resources from one another or outsource production, sales and other. Orders will be created continuously in the "external" system shortly after the "owner" has created it, which means that you can track the "external" system.   Two solutions are built into CapMedia.  

Solution 1.

Booking/sales, invoicing and production at Customer 1, editing and completion of product at Customer 2. Customer 2 has entered into an agreement to outsource its sales, ad production and possibly  

Solution 2.

Booking/sales, dummy and editing at Customer 1 and ad production at Customer 2, in this solution, Customer 1 has made an agreement to outsource all or part of his ad production. CapMedia takes care of settlement and other things in this solution.   Solution 1, is intended as outsourcing. Our customer FrontMedia have several customers who have outsourced their sales and ad production. Here, FrontMedia's customers will benefit from using CapMedia. The systems will always be synchronised so that everyone can see their own orders as soon as they are booked at FrontMedia, you can choose that selling prices only are available at FrontMedia. As soon as an order is completed, it is transferred to the remote system. The production of the medium will be "local" at each individual - the prerequisite for breaking the editorial content and possibly placement of ads will be best with the individual media.   Solution 2 can be used between several CapMedia customers at the same time, which means that customers will be able to utilize overcapacity with each other, thus saving overtime in connection with peak times, illness or anything that causes the individual to lack resources in periods. The solution will also be able to centralize ad production with a customer, and all materials will always be with the individual "owners" of materials, and with the production, it has the advantage that you can always opt out of the collaboration, whether you are the manufacturer or the outsourcer. CapMedia manages the settlement between all customers.  

You will be able to have a mix of solutions 1 and 2, if you wish.