Production lists

All orders can be easily tracked in the production list, and thus not being missed in the final product. The list is updated regularly with information about how far an ad is in production or whether it is received with or without errors from an external producer.

Dummy and Editing

Dummy and planning of a newspaper happen in CapMedia and Adobe InDesign. This happens without the use of plug-ins or other software installed, which means that anyone who has an InDesign application on their computer can edit pages to the newspapers.

All newspapers are produced separately, for example Housing, Car, Travel etc.

When creating the Dummy for the main newspaper, you can easily add other products to the main newspaper and choose to flip/reverse these, CapMedia will ensure that pages are placed correctly and paginated according to the selected page.

This feature can save a lot of time when the newspaper is planned and sent to the printer.

Editing of classified ads can be done on any machine that has CapMedia and an InDesign application installed, this does not require additional plugins.

Page production

All pages are created by CapMedia and can then be loaded into any editorial system where articles and images are mounted, the pages are sent via CapMedia, to the printer, with the correct pagination and other standard elements.

CapMedia manages the entire ad production and subsequent page production so that ads can be easily followed to pages, all pages and ads are checked before shipment, so risk of loss of ads is minimal.

All pages are sent via a DTP server or one’s own computer, ensuring a consistent quality of the pages.

Once a newspaper has been published, CapMedia can deliver a summary of all ads based on the pages that were sent, and in that regard, form PDF for examples to an E-Paper.