Planning starts with a Production calendar. Here you create the dates where the publication is to be published.

In Dummy you can see how many ads have been booked for the publication and how many millimetres.

When entering page numbers, CapMedia takes page groups from the last release with the number of pages on the same day/week and sets up.

The page groups can easily be changed to suit current release.

Ads that have been booked to a particular page are easily placed and you can place the rest by entering the page number.

Ads can also be placed later, directly on InDesign’s single pages.

Once you have placed the ads you want, press “Create Dummy” and CapMedia opens a dummy document in InDesign with all pages. Here you can move ads and place the ads you did not place by typing page numbers.

Finally, click “Save Dummy” and CapMedia scans the document for ad placements and write it in the database.

Single pages are created from the “Pages – Production” window. This can be done on an InDesignServer or on your own computer.

In Dummy you can easily insert an Appendix, if you, for example, have a Housing supplement to be inserted in the middle of a product and the pages must be reversed.