Instaling and converting

Instaling and converting

Installing CapMedia

The entire system can be up and running in less than one week, after which there will be the opportunity to start training and testing the system. Simply install a client program on the users’ computer, there is no difference whether it’s on Mac OS or Windows.   CapMedia integrates to Adobe InDesign CC and QuarkXPress, and similar applications. CapMedia applies to new and old versions og DTP software. No special Plugins are required for the integration, this causes the programs to be more stable   When CapMedia creates new features or other developments, this is centrally updated on the server and therefore requires nothing of the users, it allows for quick and easy modification of the system when market demands change or when tasks are optimised in the organization.

Data conversion

Data in existing systems are important and therefore we have made it possible to move data to CapMedia.   CapGETIT enables you to convert data from an existing ad system to CapMedia so that the conversion takes place quickly and without errors. It is possible to book in the old system and keep CapMedia updated until everyone is ready for the full conversion. Subsequently, all data from the previous system will be available so as not to lose information about customers etc. Thus, only a few people will need to access the old system.   It is possible to test CapMedia for a period with live data from the old system. The system has been used several times and lastly in connection with a demo where we in less than three hours were able to show the customer's last 3 months’ orders, statistics, productions, etc. This means that we can provide a precise offer for a conversion and that no additional costs will arise in this regard.  

Data has previously been converted from: Tieto MPress/Cross-Ad, Atex enterprice, MacTive (Newscycle), Navision and other ad and sales solutions.