CapMedia is a comprehensive media solution, all features integrated into one system. Everyone in a media organization, big or small, can contribute optimally to the completion of print, online, audio and other media.

CapMedia handles tasks in sales, production, editorial and finance - this provides an opportunity to optimize and streamline all tasks so resources can be used on the media instead of administrative tasks.

CapMedia's customers can therefore benefit from increased revenue, less administration, higher quality, better service, and reliable statistics.

CapMedia is a system for the users and not vice versa.

Everything is combined in one program and therefore no special requirements for integration to third parties are required.

Sales and CRM

Get an overall media overview with the integrated CRM system, with the possibility for more sales

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One order for all media, regardless of size, design, digital publishing or anything else

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Dummy, production, text entry, publishing, etc. for all platforms can be tracked

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Handling of articles, images, mails, telegrams, as well as direct publishing to digital media

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An overall production overview across media, all materials are handled centrally

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The customer receives one invoice for all media

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Price lists

Price lists are customer, product and period dependent. The customer will always get the best price.

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Receive real-time statistics on customers, articles, production etc. with the integrated BI solution

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