CapEdit is a module for handling articles, telegrams, images, video and audio, and serves as an extension to CapMedia, but without requiring additional server etc..

The system can handle articles written in CapEdit’s own editor and “write back” when pages are approved so that thereafter you can publish the printed article.

Articles can be linked to products and releases, and register who will write it. As the article finishes, its status changes.

Articles and images can be divided into categories. Images are linked to the article, either directly from the file system or from the built-in image module. The system also provides the ability to integrate into an image processing system so images are automatically processed.

An article can be published directly from the editing module and images and video can be customized to the publishing system. You can freely choose how many images or videos to be published on the digital platform regardless of the print version.

You can import telegrams from Ritzau and other news agencies that comply with international standards. Telegrams can contain images, video, audio and other documents that are linked as attachments. It is possible to import texts and documents from a email account – for example tipavisen@minemail.dk. Telegrams are converted into articles, and the selected attachments are linked to the article, and you can always see the original telegram with a single click from the article.

You have integration for publishing systems, where it is possible for CapEdit to retrieve articles written in the built-in CMS and download associated images and other items that may also be retrieved from other information such as number of clicks, last read and more.