CapMedia’s order and booking system provides the opportunity to collaborate between products and across media, as well as sending offers, order confirmations and proof email with a copy of the ad as PDF.

There are three media tabs in CapMedia. Print, E-Media and Radio/TV.

Print is for booking informations for newspapers and magazines etc. Size, placement, production type. Based on the chosen choices a prize calculated on the run. You can use options like Split, campaign


E-Media is a product-based ordering system that can handle all possible sales, such as media agency, banner advertising, subscriptions or simply sales.

Radio/TV is for booking informations for Spot, number of settlements, seconds, allocation etc. Based on this, the prize is calculated

You have direct access from the order to CapMedias CRM, where information about the advertiser is available, such as: remarks, sales turnover per product, balance, price agreements, order history, order confirmation/offer and financial setup for invoicing. This allows account managers a full overview of the sales and booking process.

The system allows you to choose whether the ad is to be produced internally or externally. If external production is selected, CapMedia will arrange to send orders and materials to the manufacturer.

The entire production flow is tracked via the productionlist so you can see when everything is ready and see any error messages from validating the ad.

If you receive external orders, these are automatically created, from e.g. DLU, Media agencies, Mediatrade and others

Materials for the advertisement can be sent by email to CapMedia, which places these on the desired order. Finished materials can be automatically linked, which means that orders can be created without active involvement.

A copy of the print ad can be sent to Web, mobile and other devices so that the costs associated with their production are minimal.

A built-in banner booking module handles both booking, production and ensures sending data to the publishing system.

CapMedia has a media agency order system, in this system it is the customer himself who defines what to register for the individual product/tasks, for example, books, beach flags, web production and it is possible to make time registration which can subsequently be settled.