CapMedia will ensure to invoice all orders across media, so the customer receives a single invoice. It is possible to split invoices on media and products if requested.

Invoices are generated on the basis of data from the order, and therefore requires no additional entry, which ensures minimal errors associated with billing.

CapMedia manages currency and can update currency continuously so as not to lose unnecessary revenue due to exchange rates. It is possible to handle multiple accounts and products, and in connection with billing, CapMedia can provide information on invoice breakdown, between the different products and accounts.

You can to send invoices via email, OIO, EAN, PBS and via letter mail – CapMedia ensures that an invoice is only sent via one of the channels, but you can always resend an invoice to another channel.

You have the option to charge different types of fees depending on the channel that the invoice is sent through the first time, so that customers could pay more for a printed invoice than one sent by email.

When sending an invoice via the digital channels, you can send a copy of the billed ads – just by a single click, CapMedia will ensure that this task is resolved.

Today there is more integration into different financial systems, such as Navision, eConomic, C5, etc.

An informationdocument has been made explaining how data that can be sent or retrieved in CapMedia. Therefore, new integration can be developed relatively quickly to other financial systems.

You can leave the billing to the financial system, but this will often mean that the account managers lose valuable information about the customers, which they will instead need to get from the finance department.